English Inspirational Story “Learn Less When in Stress” Moral Story for kids and Students.

Learn Less When in Stress

Matajura wanted to become a great swordsman, but his father said he wasn’t quick enough and could never learn.

Determined, Matajura went to the famous duellist Banzo and asked to become his pupil.

“How long will it take me to become a master?” he asked. “What if I become your servant, and stay with you every minute?”

“Ten years,” said Banzo.

“My father is getting old. Within ten years, I will have to return home to take care of him. How long will it take me if I work twice as hard?”

“Thirty years,” said Banzo.

“How is that?” asked Matajura. “First you say ten years and when I offer to work twice as hard you say it will take three times as long. Let me make myself clear. I will work unceasingly; no hardship will be too much for me. How long will it take?”

“Seventy years,” said Banzo and went on to explain his reasoning.

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