English Essay on “Impact of COVID 19 in India” Best Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 Students.

Impact of COVID 19 in India



The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is known worldwide, but it has now spread to almost every part of the world. Many countries are already dealing with this health crisis, which is going around the globe at an unbelievable speed. This kind of outbreak cannot be compared to any other before or after the war. However, as a matter of fact, such kind of situation happens quite frequently in our global village and this is why the world is currently facing this new reality. In the last few months, we have witnessed hundreds of thousands of deaths due to coronavirus, but somehow we did not expect to see so many people infected with that virus at once. If you’re thinking about what will happen when corona spread to your family or friends, then this list of points is for you.

The first thing that we must keep in mind is that there is no specific answer to the question of whether a person will get infected with the infection in the long term. There’s so much information about how it spreads and affects humans. That being said, scientists around the world are trying their best and all their efforts are going into finding an effective cure for this disease. One thing that everyone knows is there is almost no medicine that can prevent someone from getting infected with that virus if they don’t show some symptoms yet.


What does this mean?

Well, this is not just limited to those who are sick, especially with age. We have seen several cases where people didn’t show any sign of illness even when they were in quarantine. Even the elderly were seen testing positive for the same. After all, these individuals had tested very low negative for the infection, and still, they were completely healthy. And as time goes by, more and more people of above 50s and 60s were testing positive for the same too. Since then, the number of cases is constantly increasing, and now even if they show symptoms, they mostly end up in home isolation and treatment.


The second point

The second point that needs mentioning is that millions of Indians have been affected by corona and even people who had not got infected were now being brought into hospitals for severe cases of the virus. It is estimated that more than 90% of all confirmed cases across the country are caused by this disease, and even though there aren’t enough hospital beds available right now to treat them all, the government has made sure that more than 3 lakh patients are hospitalized throughout the country. So far, only two states — Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu have been able to cope with this huge influx of patients. But we haven’t seen how this situation is going to evolve for sure, since India doesn’t have enough healthcare facilities and doctors that can deal with this issue. They are also busy fighting another battle of this epidemic, i.e., Covid-19. Therefore, people don’t have space to spare for the rest of us, and the current state of hospitals is bound to be a nightmare in the near future.


The third point

The third point that needs to be mentioned is that the government is taking measures to ensure that the life and health of its citizens are not put at risk due to Corona or any other diseases, as well as to ensure that no one is forced to stay indoors because of this crisis. But one thing that I find extremely worrying is that the authorities aren’t considering bringing back factories and offices in Mumbai as soon as possible because most of the employees of those companies are linked with these factories, and hence corona will affect them a lot, so perhaps this could lead to an increase in the number of cases. Also, no proper medical care facility will be provided to those infected with the virus, and it will soon turn out that people won”t even be able to go to the nearest hospitals for fear of catching the virus.

Another aspect that needs to be discussed is that the government is trying to open schools and universities across the country, and these institutions may be responsible for helping spread the disease to students, which means that the disease can spread across them too. To control Coronas spread, the government has announced mandatory quarantines in the education sector for teachers and student workers in order to control infections among students, including giving special classes for children with special needs — something that has never been done before since the beginning of the Indian educational system.


Suggestions and ideas

There are many suggestions and ideas being talked upon about at present that I find extremely scary. People in our societies are terrified of the unknown, and I don’t know any better, so I don’t want to talk about those things, but just think about what is going on in the world today. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that eventually, we may all run out of food and resources, but hopefully, that doesn’t happen and even then, everybody will be safe because they will have gotten prepared for this sort of scenario ahead. All this is my personal opinion and observation, and I understand this can be scary and frustrating at times. But I hope that eventually, people are going to realize that the safety of themselves and the safety of their families and loved ones is the priority in these times and will overcome this virus because the life of humans is at stake.


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