Do you know “Airport terminal, one of India’s finest museums”.

Airport terminal, one of India’s finest museums

India’s latest and largest museum, which may well become the ‘most visited’ in the world, is actually Mumbai’s new airport terminal, T2.

‘Jaya He’, as the museum is called, greets visitors coming to or going from India on international flights. It has over 7,000 artifacts on display, sourced from all over the country- be it villages or cities, museums, or collectors.

A three-km long art wall displays works of over 1,500 artists, showcasing both fine and folk art. “Theatrical Screening’ is an 18-meter tall installation made of popular stage props used in Marathi theatre. It is so vast that it can be viewed from all four levels of T2.

The Hindi Film Industry has been quirkily represented with clever use of the camera, where anyone can go into a ‘magic box’ and come out as Amitabh Bachchan. It is a fitting tribute to the actor, who has also done the voice-over for the promotional film on the T2 museum.

Truly an airport with a difference, or a museum with a flight ticket!

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