10 lines Essay on “One Nation One Election” for Students of Class 10, 11, 12.

10 lines on One Nation One Election

  1. One Nation One Election is a proposal to hold simultaneous elections for the national and state legislative assemblies in India.
  2. The idea behind One Nation One Election is to reduce the costs associated with conducting multiple elections, as well as to reduce the disruption to governance caused by the frequent election campaigns.
  3. The proposal has been supported by some political parties, including the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), as well as some political analysts.
  4. However, the proposal has also been met with opposition from other political parties and experts, who argue that it could lead to a concentration of power at the national level and undermine the federal structure of the country.
  5. One Nation One Election would require significant constitutional amendments, as well as the coordination of election schedules between the national and state governments.
  6. Some critics have also pointed out that the proposal could potentially violate the principle of free and fair elections, as it would give an advantage to incumbent governments and parties with strong national support.
  7. The feasibility of One Nation One Election has also been questioned due to logistical challenges, such as the need to deploy large numbers of security forces and election personnel across the country.
  8. The idea of simultaneous elections has been discussed in India for several decades, and has been raised by various governments and political leaders over the years.
  9. In March 2018, a committee was formed by the Indian government to study the feasibility of One Nation One Election.
  10. However, the proposal has not yet been implemented, and it remains a contentious issue in Indian politics.

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