Essay on “The Bane of Corruption” for Students and Children, Best English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

The Problem of Corruption


Corruption in India


The Most Horrible Problem of India – Corruption


The Bane of Corruption


A world problem, but most acute in India

Corruption is one of the most horrible problems across the world. It has spread its roots quite deep in Indian society also. Corruption means bribery or illegal gratification. It is a great blow to the honest persons who love certain good principles. This horrible problem is eating away our values of life. J.L. Nehru had said, “A corrupt official should be hanged on the nearest lamp-post.”


Every person wants to become rich overnight

The main cause of corruption is that every person wants easy money to become rich overnight. Most of the bureaucrats and ministers in our country indulge in this process. They are never afraid of any law or any sort of penalty.


Scams etc. – No punishment – Mockery of law

So many scams have taken place in India. But the criminals are still at large and are mocking the laws of our country. In a short spell of time, we have had the shares scam, the fodder scam, the sugar scam, the Bofors scam, the Hawala scam, the telecom scam, etc.

Failure of CBI, Corruption even in the Anti-corruption department, and Corruption in offices

Even CBI is unable to recover or trace the amount thus lost.

Almost all departments in India are corrupt. There are illegal fees in every department. If you want to get any of your problems solved even if it is a genuine problem, you have to grease the palms of officials.

Files in offices do not move without bribes. A stage appears to have come in which people take corruption for granted. In this regard one thing is sure and that is that our society has a great regard for those who are rich. We never bother the way through which the man has earned so much.


Materialism – Rat race for money and luxuries

So, this measuring of a person by the amount of wealth he possesses has made the world materialistic. Everybody is running after luxuries like a car, air conditioner, a well-decorated house, and so on, and to attain such items he applies every formula, which may lead to corruption, also called a bribe.

Black marketing, poverty, lack of awareness, unemployment, burgeoning price rise, population, etc. – are some of the cases of corruption

When our leaders or ministers are corrupt and we consider them our guides, the society learns a lot from them and people get the motto to earn money by hook or by crook.

Many other factors are black marketing, poverty, lack of awareness among the people, unemployment, burgeoning population, price rise, etc. All these factors together give birth to corruption.

If the government seriously wants to have a good society, strict laws have to be passed and the guilty have to be dealt with severely. Otherwise, no one can check a revolution which may ultimately come off in this country.

How strange it is that the industries become sick but not the industrialists. They flaunt their wealth even more openly. The result is that the money needed for public health, education, sanitation, employment opportunities, social security, etc. is gobbled up by these sharks.

It is thus quite clear that even in the matter of corruption the root cause is the lack of awakening among the masses. It is the respectability that the corrupt get in a society that makes them even more corrupt and others who may not otherwise like to be corrupt, follow in their footsteps. If the people look down upon the corrupt and even have a social boycott of them, the corrupt may cease to be so. Moreover, it takes two to make a quarrel. If the people refuse to pay the bribe, corruption will die its own natural death.

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