10 Lines Essay on “Home, Sweet Home” English Essay for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Students.

10 lines on “Home, Sweet Home”

  1. East or west, home is the best. It is a famous old saying, which is true to the hit. I live in a small flat which was built by DDA.
  2. My father owns it on hire- a purchase basis and pays monthly installments. When the house was allotted, it was only a one-room set.
  3. We were not born at that time. As the family grew in size, my father added one more room to meet the needs of the children.
  4. It is a compact dwelling in which we have all the basic facilities within four walls. We combined the bathroom and toilet and created a small kitchen.
  5. There are marble chips on the floor. We have covered the drawing- room with a wall-to-wall carpet.
  6. The showcase in the drawing room has been arranged nicely in the center. Whenever we visit some historical place, we bring some mementos from there and place it in the showcase.
  7. We have arranged the drawing room in such a manner as would allow it to be changed onto a guest room. I have foldable study table in a comer where I do my homework.
  8. There is a box-type double bed in the bed room. We have filled those boxes with our winter clothes.
  9. The almirah in the comer contains all our clothes that are used at present. We have a TV set in one corner. We enjoy news, movies and songs.
  10. Lying in our beds, we can watch them with the help of remote control. Although it is a very small house, yet I get all the comforts of life in it.

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