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Journey By Train

The journey is always charming. It charms our thoughts and makes us happy. Adventure is a comfort in our monotonous normal existence. After a journey, we sense relaxed and clean. It also fills our hearts with peace. Over the last iciness excursion, I was given an opportunity to make a journey by teaching with my family members from Dhaka to Rajshahi. My uncle lives there. We generally go to Rajshahi via bus. However that time my father decided to move there through teach.

It becomes eleven December 2010. We were given up early inside the morning, took instruction, and got on two rickshaws. It took almost half an hour to attain Jamalpur railway station.

My father bought four tickets from the price tag counter for the ‘ekota explicit’. We were given into the train and located our seats beside the window. Within a few minutes, the protect blew his whistle and waved his inexperienced flag and the train started out to move slowly at about 7.30 am.

The train left the platform and steadily it attained speed. The window turned into opened and I should see outside easily. The teacher becomes transferring at a fantastic velocity and there was a tremendous jerking. The village girls have been visible sporting pitchers of water, farmers have been visible working in the fields and younger boys and girls have been shivering in bloodless. Some of these left an everlasting impact on my thoughts.

As it was an intercity education, it did not stop in lots of stations and became now not very crowded. While it changed into crossing small stations, it seemed quicker. There were a few hawkers selling boiled eggs, chanachur and betel leaf, and fried groundnut. We had our breakfast with bread and boiled eggs. Later an attendant was ordered to convey tea.

The time surpassed through. For the duration of the journey, my father showed me the Indian border at a hilly station. I was playing the whole lot around me. In this way, we exceeded ten hours and at ultimate reached Rajshahi. My uncle turned into expecting us with an automobile. After popping out of the station, it took the most effective ten mins to attain my uncle’s house. We have been greeted cordially.

For this reason, the train journey got here to a quit. Though I made the journey final year, the memory of it’s far ever sparkling in my thoughts.

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