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The Value of Trees


A gift from nature’s treasury

Nature has provided man with its precious treasury in the form of trees, birds, animals, seas, mountains, etc. Among them perhaps the trees are the most precious gift from God as provided through nature.


Trees have been useful to man ever since they appeared on the surface of the earth. The ancient man started living under the shelter of trees to protect himself against the sun, the rain, the hail, the storm, and the lightning. He took fruits from them and also began to wear their leaves as clothes.

Huts and houses

Later on, as wisdom developed in man, he began to make huts for his shelter which were usually made up of straw and wood. Even at present, we have such huts in slums and other areas. Then man could manage to develop different kinds of weapons from the wood of the trees like arrows, bows, etc, and with the help of these weapons, he could hunt animals for his meal.

Medical value

Still, later man learnt a lot about the medicinal value of various parts of different trees, like leaves, flowers, etc. The bark of trees also began to be used for writing purposes till paper was made from the pulp of the wood of trees.

Worship of trees

In ancient India trees and plants were even worshipped, keeping in view their great utility. The pipal tree and the tulsi plant are still believed by many as manifestations of a god and goddess respectively.

Juice is used in toothpaste, antiseptic medicines, soaps, etc.

The kikar tree gives us gum and so do some other trees. The leave of the neem tree is antiseptic and is used in preserving food grains. Their juice is also used in kinds of toothpaste and soaps by some companies. It is said to be effective against tooth decay and skin diseases. Quinine which is a well-known remedy against malarial fever is obtained from the bark of the cinchona tree.


The wood of trees is used in making furniture and housing items. Some people burn it as fuel. This is, however, a wrong practice as it spoils the environmental balance and leads to pollution of the atmosphere. Leaves of certain trees and plants are used as food for men and animals.

Environmental balance

The most important role of the trees is that of maintaining environmental balance. It is well known that they absorb carbon from the atmosphere in sunlight and release oxygen through the process known as photosynthesis. They spread coolness in the air which coaxes the clouds to rain. Thus they cause rain and hence are instrumental in bringing about prosperity.

Check floods

They often have a dense undergrowth which checks floods. Also, they are, as in the forests, a sanctuary for wildlife which is so important to man.


It is very important for us to grow more and more trees. Accordingly, the festival of “Vanmahotsava” is celebrated in our country with some fervour. It should be celebrated with greater fervour. The festival was started by an enlightened Union Minister, K.M. Munshi.

Forest wealth

It is a pity that many people cut down trees ruthlessly. One is shocked to learn that sometimes the staff members of the forest department whose duty it is to protect the forest wealth, join hands with unscrupulous contractors and traders and get even some good and sound trees cut by declaring them as dry or termite-infested, etc., or find out some other excuse to suit their purpose.

Forest officials

Sometimes, the forests, particularly the cone pine tree forests catch fire which is very devastating. This often happens in summer when the sun is very hot and the weather is dry. The government should take some preventive and remedial steps to safeguard the forest wealth as much from fires as from thieves.

Add a scenic beauty to the landscape.

The trees offer a scenic beauty to the landscape. The absence of trees can make the land barren and unfit even for crops without which we cannot survive. Hence, we must protect trees at all costs, for our own existence, if nothing else.

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