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Preparation for Exam

Examinations are like running a race. It is not always the one who deserves that wins. Some proper training is indeed essential for passing examinations well. With all one’s innate intelligence one may require proper guidance. Some grasp quickly end can do further work by themselves. These ere people with e high intelligent quotient. Average people can surely succeed in examinations with positive help. It is something like oiling the wheel. One may know the answer but how it is put end present it makes a lot of difference. Experienced people may show the way. Hence nowadays people seek even outside guidance by having private tuition at home or joining an institute giving expert tuition.

Of course in my case, I am lucky that all along I have been helped by my relatives end friends. To begin with, I can’t forget the help my mother used to render in the primary classes. She was ready to help and so I never worried about my homework. Not only did she use to urge me to do the task but patiently helped me along.

When I came to the higher classes I could confidently depend on my brother and sister. They would teach me mathematics and help me do the problems. Since they always wanted me to do well in the examinations they not only gathered question papers from other schools but also patiently saw to it that I completed those papers by myself.

One of my teachers used to help me whenever I approached him. He knew that I wanted to score first in the examination to get into a professional college. Unless one is really competent, one cannot hope to enter a professional college easily. So my teacher showed me the way how examinations should be tackled. We used to discuss in a general way various problems both national and international and I can say it has stood me well in competitive examinations. That again has helped me in viva voce examinations because I had e firsthand practical knowledge.

Last but not least I can’t fail to mention that some of my friends really helped me. We used to compare notes and help each other when one was not attending the class. We used to take down notes from reference books and discuss them. We formed almost a team and with a competitive spirit went for the examination. There was no jealousy among us and in doing practical work one always helped the other. When I look back I am grateful to all of them who helped me ungrudgingly.

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