Essay on “Grandma’s Gramophone And My iPod” for Students and Children, Best Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10

Grandma’s Gramophone And My iPod

Grandma’s gramophone held the pride of place on the table and it was covered with red velvet and lace. The “arm” of the gramophone held a needle that read the grooves in the record by vibration and transmitted the information to the gramophone speaker.

Grandmas gramophone was huge with a big bell shaped thing that emitted the music. I looked at my iPod which was tiny and fit in the palm of my hands. Grandma was playing “Lipstick on your collar” when I entered her room. The song got over and there was silence as the record had to be changed. I quickly put on my iPod and put the headphones on grandma’s ears.

Grandmas eyes got really big. She looked at me, her gramophone and then at the iPod. She couldn’t believe that such a tiny gadget could make music. She was amazed by it. I showed her all the great features the iPod had and she was amazed by the number of songs it could store. She was impressed. She switched off her gramophone and for the rest of the evening, refused to part with my iPod.

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