English Short, Moral Story “Trust in God” for Kids and Children for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, competition with moral values.

Foot Prints on the Beach

One night a man saw a dream. In his dream he was walking beside God on the beach.

After walking some distance man and God stopped and rested for a while. Mean while man saw that all the scene from his life were flashing in the sky and just below them on the beach he could see two set of foot prints on the beach.

Man was confused to see those foot prints and asked God, Whose foot prints are those

God replied, My dear Among those two.. One set of foot print are yours and other one is mine.. As i have been walking all along with you in your life journey..

For a while man watched his life journey through flashes in the sky he again noticed that there were just one set of foot print on the same beach.

Man also noticed that it was the time which was most difficult time of his life and at that time of life there was no one else with him walking along his side.

He got sad and questioned God, God, you said that you were with me but yet when i had been going through the most difficult time in my life. There is only one set of foot prints on beach..

I don’t  understand why you would leave me alone.. When I needed you the most..

God smiled and replied, My precious.. you are my child and i would never leave you alone.

During your times of suffering and difficulties where you see only one set of foot print, those were the time when i carried you in my arms..


Whenever you face Difficulty in Life, Trust in God. Don’t Lose Hope and Even if No one stands with You, God is Always there for you, Taking Care of You.

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