English Poem “Sonnet VI” of poet Alan Seeger complete poem with summery for Students.

Sonnet VI

Alan Seeger

Give me the treble of thy horns and hoofs,

The ponderous undertones of ‘bus and tram,

A garret and a glimpse across the roofs

Of clouds blown eastward over Notre Dame,

The glad-eyed streets and radiant gatherings

Where I drank deep the bliss of being young,

The strife and sweet potential flux of things

I sought Youth’s dream of happiness among!

It walks here aureoled with the city-light,

Forever through the myriad-featured mass

Flaunting not far its fugitive embrace, —

Heard sometimes in a song across the night,

Caught in a perfume from the crowds that pass,

And when love yields to love seen face to face.

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