English Essay on “Season I like Most” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 9, 10, 12 Students

Season I like Most


Every season has got its own specialty. In summer, it is too hot and in winter, it is shivering cold but I like most the spring season for its beauty which gives joy and pleasure. Even a stone heart can be melted by its beauty in this season.


It is said,” The spring is the queen of all. It provides enormous joy and happiness to everyone.” Barren and uncultivated grounds turn like a bride in a red garment. Trees shading brings for the new buds. Bees and butterflies dance and it is made pleasant by the song of the cuckoo. Pretty cold disappears and everywhere moderate climate is seen. Rivers look transparent where fishes dance and attract everyone. In such a beautiful scene all the people enjoy this season and so do I.


Seeing the beauty of spring, many great poets composed their poems in praise of the spring. Shakespeare, Milton, Johnson all described its beauty in their poems. It is the season of affection and love. It is a meeting place in the grass of the garden.


It is also said that this season is the best for getting marriage. It is the holy season too because Lord Ram’s incarnation was held in this season. The most precious puja for students also falls in this season.


Finally, this season is the symbol of joy, pleasure, happiness, beauty, and love and the whole nature looks beautiful and everyone likes this season very much.

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