GK Question “How An Automobile Runs With Gasoline?” general knowledge book English 2021 current affairs quiz and answers for class 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 students Exam.

How An Automobile Runs With Gasoline?

In present day the cars are built so efficiently that we can drive all their life without really knowing what makes them run. We reach for a gasoline station, fill up the tank, and move away. If something goes astray, a service man comes into play to serve us.

We all know, that the power to drive an automobile motor comes for the gasoline. Just how it happens is not in any way a complicated affair. It is simple, but let us record various phases or stages of action.

The gasoline is pumped to the engine from fuel tank by a small pump driven by the engine. The gasoline goes into the carburetor, fixed on top of the engine. Here it is thoroughly mixed with exactly right amount of air.

We have gasoline-air vapour which is explosive. It next passes through a system of pipes on its way into the cylinder. In the cylinder, a piston moves down in the cylinder. It sucks the gasoline-air mixture vapour into the engine. This is the first stroke of what is known as “the four-stroke cycle”.

As the piston reaches the bottom of its stroke, a valve closes so that none of the vapour can escape. When the piston moves upward on its second stroke, it squeezes the trapped vapour making it even more explosive. At just the right moment, when the piston reaches the top of its second stroke, an electric spark is created by the spark plug and this sets off the vapour.

The pressure caused by the explosion forces the piston down again on the third stroke. When this time the piston reaches the bottom another valve opens to let the burnt gases escape and they are pushed out as the piston rises on its fourth and final stroke.

The power for the car comes from the third called the power stroke. The forces pressing downward on the top of the piston are transmitted to the crankshaft to make it run, and the turning drive-shaft drives the rear wheels

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