Essay on “My Neighbours” English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Kids and Students for Classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Board, 300 Words.

My Neighbours

Neighbours are those people who live close to you. They are more than even your relatives. They stand by you in alll eventualities. Your relatives live far off. They take time to reach you in the hour of need, Lucky are the people who have good neighbours. I have a number of neighbours. They have different habits and manners. However they are very good to me.

My next door neighbour is Mr. Mukesh Mehta. He is a bank employee. His wife’s name is Mrs. Archana Mehta. They have two little daughters. They are very sociable people. They are very hospitable. The often invite me to their house. They are very co-operative and helpful. Whenever my mother needs something, she goes to them without any hesitation.

Mr. Jagjit Singh is my another neighbour. His wife’s name is Mrs. Paramjit Kaur. They have two children-one son and one daughter. Both are school going children. Mrs. Paramjit Kaur is a soft-spoken woman. Whenever I am standing at my gate, she greets me. Her children are very respectful. They are good at studies. Mr. Jagjit Singh is a quiet person. Once, my mother fell ill at night. It was Mr. Jagjit Singh who took her to the hospital in his car.

Mr. Aslam is yet my another neighbour Mrs. Hamida Banu is his wife. They are a newly wedded couple. They look sweet and gently. Mr. Aslam is a school teacher. Mrs. Hamida Banu is a housewife. Both love each other. Mrs. Hamida often visits our house. She always pays respect to my mother. She is very fond of talking. Whenever Mr. Aslam is out, Mrs. Hamida drops in our house. My mother likes her very much.

In this way, all my neighbours are well-civilized. We live like a well-knit family.

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