Essay on “If I Were The Principal Of A School” English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Kids and Students for Classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Board, 272 Words.

If I Were The Principal Of A School

Everybody has his future plans. He wants to become great and do something memorable. I see how standards of education are falling fast. Students have lost interest in studies. Indiscipline is growing day by day. Teachers do not take their joy seriously. Teaching is no longer is mission for them. If I were the Principal of a school, I would try to set matters right.

First of all I would check indiscipline among students. Irregular and unpunctual students would make regular and punctual. For this matter I would not use force of any kind. Love and persuation alone can bring about change in them. I would keep personal contacts with their parents. The co-operation of parents can go a long way in improving bad students.

I know that most of the evils are due to the absence of religious education. I would begin the school with a prayer to God. I would fix one period for moral education. I would create in students regard for human values. I would lay stress on character-building. Honest, regular and obedient students would be awarded every year.

I would encourage students to take part in games. Games help in the balanced growth of young men. I would organise more and more cultural programmes in the schools. Students would be made to take active part in these programmes. I would help the poor and needy students by giving them scholarships. I would also see that teachers did not shirk their duties. Action would be taken against those teachers who are found guilty. In this way I would try to make my school a model school.

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