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If I Were the Prime Minister of India

Just speculation

“If I were…” means a lot. But, above all, it signifies just speculation, a wild wish most unlikely to be fulfilled.

It is often said, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride them.” Thus, to wish for something is different from being able to achieve something. Still, it is also said, “The will can move mountains.” When Napoleon said, “There will be no Alps,” he was able to prove the truth of his statement with his solid action on the ground.

Though I feel that it is almost impossible for me ever to become the Prime Minister of India since I have never stood in elections, nor do I have any intention to do so in the near future, yet I do believe that miracles too do happen sometimes, and by some compulsion or awakening of some inner impulse or for some other unknown reason, I may start taking part in politics and may actually become the Prime Minister of India.

In any case, I do not think there is any harm even in going on a wild speculation spree. After all, daydreaming is not that bad.

Will make the country strong economically and in defense preparedness

If I were the Prime Minister of India, I would make my country a very strong one. It is only a country’s economy and defense-preparedness which makes a country respectable in the comity of nations.

Our exports must be increased to achieve the position of a favorable balance of trade. But exports cannot be increased overnight. Hard, persistent, and meticulous efforts are required to ensure a substantial increase in exports. I would increase domestic production of all kinds of goods and give incentives to the exporters. I wish that within a few years India would be able to contribute to at least one percent of the global exports.

Problems, solutions and Action

I would try to improve the fore exchange position still further and reduce the debt burden on the government. Instead of venturing into high-interest small-time loans from abroad, I would resort to loan-taking for long periods at a low rate of interest.

I would try to strengthen the infrastructure sectors, the manufacturing and engineering sectors in particular. Full attention would be paid to the banking sector and all financial institutes. It does not mean that the agricultural sector will not receive my fullest attention.

Surplus agricultural produce, raw as well as processed, would be exported. New technology and techniques would be introduced to increase production further. More attention: would be paid to cash crops. Remunerative prices for all agricultural produce to farmers would be ensured. I would encourage cooperative farming and marketing of the produce.

Insurance of crops would also be undertaken. Steps would be taken to enhance the White Revolution further.

Rapid industrialization and privatization would be encouraged. Disinvestment of sick PSUs would be resorted to. In all cases, it would be ensured that the workers do not suffer in any way.

Efforts would be made to reduce the prices of essential goods or at least, it would be ensured that they do not rise further. Interests of the common man, poor farmers, employees, and those belonging to lower strata of society, particularly those who live below the poverty line, would be safeguarded at all costs.

Reservations for Scheduled Castes, and Tribes and other backward classes, the handicapped, the freedom-fighters, widows, and riot victims wards will continue. Sportsmen and women, students from rural areas, orphans, destitute, and other helpless people will be properly taken care of.

I shall, however, ensure that the creamy layer in all sectors is removed from the list of beneficiaries, and those really economically weak and the genuinely deserving ones are ones who are the preferred ones in the matter of education, health, employment, etc.

All out efforts would be made to solve all the ticklish problems perfectly and quickly. Justice would be made quicker and cheaper. I would also try to make health, education, and housing cheaper and affordable to the common man.

My maximum effort would be towards defense preparedness. For this, computers which would be the backbone of all sectors would be brought into full and effective use. I would start large-scale domestic production of all vital equipment for defense purposes. All the three wings – Army, Air force, and Navy would be made stronger and stronger both for defensive and offensive purposes.

I would not allow any more Kargil. I would make terrorism a thing of the past whatever steps I might have to take.

I would try to tackle the population problem effectively. I would not allow corruption, any more scams or scandals, breakage of law, etc. I would give attention to women’s improvement, children’s, youths’ and senior citizens’ problems, in particular.

In short, I would make my country strong where all communities live in harmony and there is no harassment 12 any citizen. Black marketeers, traitors and law-breakers, and drug-traffickers and scamsters would be strictly dealt with.

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