English Poem “To England at the Outbreak of the Balkan War” of poet Alan Seeger complete poem with summery for Students.

To England at the Outbreak of the Balkan War

Alan Seeger

A cloud has lowered that shall not soon pass o’er.

The world takes sides: whether for impious aims

With Tyranny whose bloody toll enflames

A generous people to heroic war;

Whether with Freedom, stretched in her own gore,

Whose pleading hands and suppliant distress

Still offer hearts that thirst for Righteousness

A glorious cause to strike or perish for.

England, which side is thine? Thou hast had sons

Would shrink not from the choice however grim,

Were Justice trampled on and Courage downed;

Which will they be — cravens or champions?

Oh, if a doubt intrude, remember him

Whose death made Missolonghi holy ground.

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