English Essay on “Indian History” Best Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 Students.

Indian History

Indian culture has survived for nearly fifty centuries. Though it passed through many ups and downs, it has come down to us with its unfathomable depths and a great capacity for devotion and service. What constitutes the national spirit or genius springs from sources deep and ancient, all-time diverting and altering their course. The facts of our history look stranger than fiction. We have suffered defeat on many occasions. These misfortunes have not broken our spirit.

After every blow, India found herself again and made advances in spite of pain and sorrow. Today, we are in one of the creative epochs of our history. We are trying our best to remold our heritage with insight into the profundities and with awareness of the demands of our age. We have faith in the spirit of man to mold history. Let us dedicate our energies to the building of a cooperative, cohesive and homogeneous community. If we undertake this work and carry on, we will be working in the true spirit of those cordial and dedicated servants of our country of whom we are proud.

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