English Inspirational Story “Strengths Must Shine Brighter than Flaws” Moral Story for kids and Students.

Strengths Must Shine Brighter than Flaws

Charles Steinmetz, reputed as an electrical wizard, worked for General Electric. He was an inveterate smoker.

Unimpressed by this habit, the managers at Steinmetz’s plant decided to introduce a regulation prohibiting smoking on the premises. Notices were put up to this effect.

Steinmetz ignored the new rule and continued to smoke.

One day, an executive asked Steinmetz if he was not aware of the rule. Steinmetz did not answer but gave him a cold indifferent stare.

For the next two days, Steinmetz did not attend office and several complicated assignments remained unattended. His presence at work was essential and the authorities went in search of him. At last, they found him smoking a cigar in a hotel lobby in Buffalo city.


“The whole company is looking for you, Steinmetz they said to him.”What made you leave so unceremoniously?


Strengths Must Shine Brighter than Flaws.


Steinmetz coolly replied…

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